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Creative Youth Programs

Comprehensive Programs in Innovation and Creativity for ages 11 to 17

SAE partners with schools to offer youth-oriented creative media & evolving technology programs as after school clubs or embedded within the school curriculum (Working with KHDA’s Rahhal Program).
Students enrolled in the youth academy may receive university credit for some of the courses they successfully complete**.

Program outcome is reflected in building a portfolio showcasing the students creative skills.
Program duration may vary between 30 hours and 75 hours covering 1, 2 or 3 terms of the school academic year, also the content can be customized to run over a shorter duration or as an intensive boot camp.

Students going through any of these courses will gain, in addition to the technical skills of each course, a set of 21st century skills that are becoming crucial for both university as well as career success. Some of the soft skills mastered during these courses include: Innovation, Critical Thinking, Technical Writing, coding, creative thinking, problem solving, project based learning and communication & team building skills.


Youth Academy Scholarship Fund  

SAE Dubai has created a “Scholarship Fund” offering participating students cash credit towards their university tuition fees should they choose to enroll at SAE.
The way this works: For every Dirham the student pays to enroll in any of the youth programs, SAE will credit the student’s SAE scholarship fund with a similar amount. This accrued accumulated amount will then be applied to the student’s tuition fees once (And if) they join SAE for their Bachelor degree.


Program Streams  


Age eligibility:  11 to 17 years old
Certificate:  Students receive a completion certificate 


To reserve a seat or for any inquiries, please contact:

Christina Kallas | +971 4 360 6456  |  c.kallas@saedubai.com