SAE Institute Lecturer wins Documentary Feature of the Year


22 Nov 2018



SAE Institute Lecturer wins Documentary Feature of the Year

22 Nov 2018

Senior Film lecturer at SAE Institute Dubai and independent film Director, Reshel Shah Kapoor was officially recognized at the 2018 ASBU Broadcast Middle East awards 2018 for her documentary feature film titled, ‘God Children’.

“It is an honour to be recognized by Broadcast Pro ME and I’m grateful to share this with everyone, especially SAE Institute Dubai who have supported me completely on this journey,” said Reshel Shah Kapoor.

“I live, breathe and teach documentary film production. I believe being able to tell a true story and show the world from someone else’s perspective is one of the most powerful things I can do. ‘God children’ is my third film produced that I am extremely proud of. The films that I have produced are about breaking myths and giving a voice to those who need it the most. The world resonates from being able to view reality and life from someone else’s perspective and I am honoured to receive the industry recognition for this.

The award-winning film, ‘God Children’ shot in India and funded by Kish Pagarani of Aum Media, boldly chronicles the life of two boys who were born with genetic and physical problems. Kapoor lets viewers enter their precarious worlds, mirrored in superstition, physical disabilities/difficulties and grinding poverty. Instead of being ostracized from society because of their appearance, these boys became the projections of certain Hindu Gods, who each developed their own long queue of devotees, which included their parents. The film has recently been picked up by UK based company Journeyman Pictures for distribution.

The crew for ‘God Children’ included SAE staff, film supervisor Aaron Henriques, film lecturers Arith Sudhakaran and Robert Perena. A former student at SAE Dubai with a Film Production degree was also involved throughout the production of the film giving them an to gain real-life job experience in the film industry.


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