Persuasive Communication for the Workplace


Persuasive Communication for the Workplace


An intensive in-person workshop to sharpen the soft skills employers value most combined with an online, self-paced Career Progression Series designed to set you apart for potential employers. This program contains specific elements to help you engage with the content and other people in the program, network with the appropriate stakeholders, and progress through to the next step in your academic or professional career.

During the Persuasive Communication Workshop, ivy-league instructors artfully use debate as a tool to immerse participants in intense listening and argumentation exercises. Within the first hour, participants are out of their seats and building confidence for future professional success. The Career Progression Series helps students develop self-awareness, establish a personal brand and learn how to network effectively to obtain graduate employment.



To earn the Persuasive Communication for the Workplace Program Badge, students need to complete the requirements listed below. In addition, certificates will be awarded for successful completion of each course:

  • Attend all days of the Persuasive Communication Workshop
  • Complete the online Career Progression Series with a final average of 75% or above



  • Immerse yourself in ivy-league excellence with passionate faculty who care about your success
  • Network with Cornell University students, faculty and staff
  • Listen for and articulate another’s point of view
  • Address a problem statement directly with concise, reasoned arguments
  • Apply skills immediately in the job search and interviewing process
  • Upgrade one’s personal brand and networking skills


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