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Social Media Content Creation Short Course

Course Fee** Duration Days**
AED 3,000 15 hours / 5 sessions Sundays & Tuesdays
(Excluding Vat)  (3 weeks)   
Starting Date** Qualification Usual Timings**

22 February 2022

Social Media Content 6 pm - 9 pm
  Creation Certificate  
Delivery Method  Language  Age group 
Available On-Campus & Online English 16+

 * These times are based on how the course has been run in the past and are subject to change before each start date. 




Program Description
Social Media Content Creation course is an introduction to the core pillars a student needs to know about creating tailored great content on the go for their social media platforms and how to use the content created for the best results. Students will take away an understanding of diverse multimedia content and how to create a strong social media strategy in order to increase their brand awareness and gain following on their social platforms.

Program Overview

  • Produce quality tailored content for social media media platforms.
  • Understand your target audience and content formats for your business.
  • Create a smart social media content strategy.
  • Create weekly social media content calendars.
  • Manage and upload created content onto social media platforms..
  • Create visual content through mobile applications.

Technical Requirements
Smart phone with ability to download apps.


Program Outline

Week 1: Introduction to the Social Media World.

Activity Overview

Interactive Discussions about how Social Media can be used for businesses

Activity Objectives

Students will be able to understand how to use the proper social media platforms for their businesses and the powerful features offered within each platform.


Week 2: Understanding the target audience and creating a tailored social media strategy.

Activity Overview

Interactive Discussions about how to determine the target audience needs on social media and creating a tailored social media strategy for them.

Activity Objectives

Students will understand how to tailor social media strategies for their target audience.


Week 3: Creating weekly content calendars and choosing the right hashtags.

Activity Overview

Creating weekly content calendars.

Activity Objectives

Students will be able create weekly content calendars themselves and use the best mix of hashtags.


Week 4: Creating complex visual content

Activity Overview

Creating more complex content using creative apps and understanding how to post stories that are engaging to followers.

Activity Objectives

Students will be able create complex content and post stories with GIF’s, Polls, Questions, Stickers etc in order to engage their followers.


Program Outcomes

Social Media Content Creation acquired in this course will act as a foundation for students to manage, create and monitor their content calendars on social media platforms.


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