Future Creatives Enjoy First Tour of Joburg Campus


17 Sep 2018




Future Creatives Enjoy First Tour of Joburg Campus

17 Sep 2018

On Saturday, 8th September, SAE Institute South Africa opened our doors to the public for our inaugural Open Day in Rosebank, Johannesburg. 

What made the day even more special was that the Design District building, where we are located, was hosting the Trace Fest that Saturday evening, featuring one of the SAE scholarship benefactors, AKA along with several other top South African performers.

This further highlighted why we chose this area to teach future creatives at this location – it is, in our opinion, a central creative hub in Johannesburg, which is conducive to engagement, interaction and stimulation.

Our expectations for the Open Day were exceeded with a great turnout of eager future animators, film and sound production students, and many parents, who joined us for a tour of the campus and to find out more about the Higher Certificate and Degree courses we offer.

Highlights from our inaugural Open Day

National Campus Director, Trenton Birch, offered attendees a thorough overview of the history of SAE Institute, the global impact the institution has had on creative education for more than 40 years and what it means to become an alumnus.  

Birch further emphasised the importance of creating a healthy and fun environment to encourage students to do what they do best – be creative. He also offered a stern reminder that ‘fun’ also means hard work by ‘doing what you love,’ and putting in the necessary time and effort to succeed.

A key area that the SAE curriculum focuses on is readying students to be employable with the necessary skill sets to be both proficient in their chosen field but to also understand the industry which includes entrepreneurial skills.

Full time courses

SAE Institute Johannesburg will offer a total of six full-time courses in 2019. 

These include: