Vote for SAE's alumnus 3D character


4 Jun 2020




Vote for SAE's alumnus 3D character

4 Jun 2020

Meet Elijah Araza, our SAE Animation Alumni, a 3D artist who has a passion for working on stylized 3D characters, needs your help voting for his artwork in a 3D art contest he joined!
The challenge was to create an original superhero with a strict 1-week deadline using ZBrush as the main software for sculpting the character.

Nurse Full Wireframe


In this case, Elijah made a terrifying super-villain based on a Japanese Yōkai - the Onryō (spirits who can harm the living) with a mix of his favorite horror game series Silent Hill.
There is a bonus prize for the project who has the highest votes at the end. Voting will close at the end of June 4!



If you missed the deadline to vote, you can review his entry for The Rookies 2020 here: 

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