Pathways to Creative Media Studies: Art and Design


Pathways to Creative Media Studies: Art and Design


SAE Dubai in collaboration with Central Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) is hosting this free webinar to give you an insight into the 'Pathways into Creative Media Studies'.

Covering a wide variety of skills and abilities, art and design is a diverse topic that will help you turn your artistic passion into a career. If you want to be the next Damien Hirst or Tracey Emin, or you want to play a part in what the next Ferrari looks like, this subject will help you develop your talents and fulfill your dreams.

Art and Design students are highly creative and self-motivated, all of which are the attributes you gain on your path to becoming an artist. The training in art and design is not only about pencils and pictures, you will also know more about the business and management side of the industry, which is crucial to the success of a very competitive job market. This webinar will guide you to decide whether you want to study art and design at university, or venture into an apprenticeship.



  • An introduction to our University Bridging Program
  • An introduction to industries of art and design
  • What are the different careers in the world of the art and design industries?
  • What essential skills should every artist or designer have?
  • How to become a professional artist or designer?
  • How can SAE Dubai help you gear up to kick-start your creative journey?
  • Q&A session


Speaker Profile:

Ar. Vigisha Gopalakrishnan
Program Director- Architectural Technology and Arts & Design at Scottish Qualification Approved Centre. UAE
Ar. Vigisha Gopalakrishnan is a registered architect from India and has 7.5 years of experience
in education, practice, teaching and research in the fields of Architecture, Interior Design and Construction Management.
She holds a Bachelor of Architecture and a Master of Architecture in
Construction Management from India.
In her professional carrier she has worked at different architectural firms in India handling a wide
range of projects from Residences, Resorts, Hotels, Industries, Institutional campuses. Her areas
of research include Art and Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Management, Sustainable Construction, History of Architecture, Vernacular Architecture, Building Information Modeling, Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems.


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