Adam Rhodes - Custom Ears



Adam Rhodes - Custom Ears

Hearing Health & In-ear Monitoring Presentation

Adam has been working in the custom in-ear monitor and hearing protection industry forover 10 years in the UK and USA. Holding various management positions, he has been responsible for everything from product R&D and sourcing through to sales and marketing. Adam recently moved to Dubai with a goal toraise hearing health awareness in the UAE region and bring accessibility to the world's best custom in-ear monitors andcustom hearing protection products. His company isrecognized as UAE’s only authorized dealer for Ultimate Ears, JH Audio and Dynamic Ear Company and is certificated in taking ear impressions.

In the talk at SAE, we will cover the dangers and misconceptions that people in the musicindustry encounter when it comes to hearing health. Touching on useful guidelines and tips for what you can do to help protect yourself, from basic rest techniques through to custom hearing protection with level attenuating dB reduction filter options. We’ll then discuss using in-ear monitors and how that can help impact the ability to mix or perform as well as safe guard your hearing for years to come. Going through what in-earmonitor set ups look like and what the best products are. Following the talk will be a Q&A and then the opportunity for students to get fitted with their own custom hearing protection and in-ear monitors.

THURSDAY 12th of April 2018
12:00PM - 3:00PM
SAE Institute Dubai

30-45 minute presentation covering the following:

  • Dangers and misconceptions with hearing 
  • Hearing health guidelines for musicians/audio engineers
  • Hearing protection/earplugs options
  • Using in-ear monitors
  • In-ear monitor options