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Music Business Masterclasses


Course Overview

These Masterclasses are another way in which we show our commitment to the development of the music industry in Africa, and to make them accessible to anyone curious, already involved in the industry, or considering this as a career path.

Every two months we run Music Business Masterclass! The African music industry is growing at a rapid rate but we still lack the business skills that are needed to help realise its full potential. We are fully committed to supporting and building the industry so run these bi-monthly workshops for free to ensure they are accessible to everyone. 

The program is led by industry expert, Trenton Birch and we invite industry leaders to each Masterclass to ensure we have the sharpest minds with the most up to date knowledge. 

2015 Programme

How to be a Promotor
Running live music events: cash-flow, ticketing, insurance, marketing, production, health and safety, booking artists…..

Artist Management
This session will explore the intricacies of successful artist managment and the core skills needed to take an artist to the top.

Taking South African Music Global
How do artists gain traction in a cluttered international market place, what are our USP’s (Unique Selling Point), is there a genuine interest?

Records labels in 2015
The relevance of record labels in the modern industry, do they have value, how do they work and how do you set one up?

About Trenton Birch

Trenton Birch is recognized as one of the pioneers of the South African music industry. He was a radio and TV presenter and producer at the SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation) for 5 years, a live producer for Real Concerts and Big Concerts and artist manager.

Originally from Johannesburg, he moved to London for several years where he worked for the world’s largest music promoter, Live Nation and was at the forefront of building music industry relationships with consumer brands while working at a number of high profile UK marketing agencies. 

He founded the entertainment company Black Mango who run the Breathe Sunshine African Music Conference and Unity Jam, and were responsible for the international release of Goldfish’s first album and started the African hip-hop website Afrolution.

Trenton promoted Johnny Clegg in the UK for seven years and has run music festivals and events around the world - including UK, New York, Amsterdam, Ibiza and Malawi.
Trenton is also an accomplished artist and is the chief songwriter and vocalist of the band Trenton and Free Radical

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The Music Business Masterclasses are hosted on our campus and are completely free of charge!