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Electronic Music Production in Ableton Live

Short Course



Learn to make and play electronic music using Ableton Live. The EMP course takes you from the absolute basics all the way to finishing a 4-track EP, mastering, remixing and performing live. The EMP course includes a perfect balance of theory and practical application on Apple computers in partnership with weekly assignments to support the work taught in class. The specialist SAE lecturer will take you from opening a session to advanced techniques in just 8 weeks. For the final assignment, students deliver a 4 track digital EP consisting of 3 original compositions and 1 remix. The course is suitable for beginners looking to gain a thorough understanding of electronic music production techniques and live performance, as well as intermediate producers wishing to learn Ableton Live from the ground up, find inspiration and further inspire their skills.v

What our students are saying:

• In 8 weeks I've come out of the dinosaur "2-technics-and-mixer-era" to learning how to make music and perform live sets on a laptop — Andre 

• 8 weeks underneath the horse blanket of electronic music, sweating and hurting, catching breath where one can. Besides that, mind-opening stuff, very exciting, so very worthwhile — Paul 

• Interesting, informative, and toatlly worth the time. I Never knew I could get to grips with Ableton in 8 weeks like I have — Jean 

• The amount of knowledge crammed into such a short amount of time is amazing. Everything that I have been playing around with for years (without knowing what I was doing!) makes so much sense now. I even listen to music compltely differenetly now. Your way of teaching is unique and very effective. I'm so glad I did this course, It's very inspirational! — Anon

  • Cape Town


You will learn

  • Composing Techniques for Electronic Music Production
  • Basic Overdub Recording Techniques
  • Mixing and Mastering for Electronic Music
  • Performing Live


Career Options

Get a head start on your career as an electronic music industry.

Become a: 

  • Electronic Music Producer
  • Live Performer
  • Remix Artist

Key facts


    8 Weeks Part Time



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    Short Course

Entry requirements

There may be no specific entry requirements for this course, however some previous experience and interest in chosen field is a must.

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